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My name is RJ and I will be in charge of ensuring your website is secure and properly maintained.

Odds are that I have been in the same situation as you…a small business owner that understands the importance of their website but does not have the time to properly maintain it.

While it IS possible to manage the website yourself, it can take anywhere from 5-10 hours a week to ensure your business website is secure and properly maintained. And this is if everything is running smoothly. If your website is attacked you may as well block off a few days to fix the issue yourself, or spend hundreds...if not thousands...of dollars finding a developer to do this for you.

I encountered the same issue in the early 2000s. The website for my consulting business was hacked. I was shocked. Some malware found its way into my website and started to display pharmaceutical ads/links throughout the site. My website was flagged as a spam site and was on its way to being blacklisted by Google and Yahoo (remember them?). I ended up having to rebuild the website and have it maintained (which was around $750/month) until I sold the business.

Keep in mind that this was 10+ years ago when hacking/malware was still in its infancy stage. Knowing what I know now, I shudder at the thought of not having at least the basic level protection.

During the past decade, most of our focus was designing and developing WordPress websites for small to medium-sized businesses. As we worked with more and more companies, we noticed something that the business owners and managers have in common; while they understand the importance of having a WordPress website to promote their business, they just do not have the time to manage it.

Sound familiar? It sure did to us.

Many owners assume having a website is enough, and unfortunately that won't cut it in today's business world. WordPress websites can be powerful ally for the business,  and in order for it to be one the website must be cared for on a continuous basis.

What is meant by "cared for" and "continuous basis"? Not as difficult was one might assume. The main things are backing up the website and updating the core, plugins, and theme. The performance and security components also need to be cared for since they are increasingly important in today's world of websites.

Sounds simple enough, but who has time to do all this?

We spent the past few years researching and identifying ways to provide the best website maintenance and security service at affordable prices. Some of the technology vendors include Amazon Web Services and Google, names that are synonymous with organizations that focus on cutting edge and quality products.

By aligning ourselves with the services of these world class companies, we created WP Web Hawk. A division solely focused on helping business owners secure and support their website.

That's great, but at what cost? Don't worry, it's not close to the $750-$1500/month rates we have seen. As a matter of fact, our plans are just a fraction of those rates...without sacrificing the quality of your service.

Take a look at some of our packages. We are pretty sure you will find one suited for your needs. If not, we can also customize one for you.


One more thing...most hackers use automated tools to find vulnerable websites, and their systems are working all the time. There's a good chance they'll find your website, even if your business is a small cleaning company that only serves your neighborhood.

There are 30,000+ websites being hacked every day… and that number continues to grow.

And guess what…

Smaller companies are attractive because they tend to have weaker online security. To a hacker, that translates into reams of sensitive data behind a door with an easy lock to pick, according to Inc.com.

As a result…

71% Of Malware Attacks Are
Aimed At Small Companies,
According To Webpagefx.


Here's what will happen if you don't secure your website properly:

    1. You have to spend thousands of dollars to fix your mistakes. FYI, one malware attack causes an average of ~$8,700 impact to a small business.


    1. You'll lose money because your customers will no longer feel safe in your site. And yet, Google will prevent them from visiting your site if they think your website has been hacked or injected with malware.



of malware attacks are aimed at small companies


Average cost to repair a malware attack on a small business
GOOD... ...BAD

Don't let this be your establishment website!

We Couldn't Have Said It Better Ourselves

People we work with typically find a unique way to summarize what we do. Here are a few of the ones we captured...


"It is nice to have an on call developer handy that understands our business and website"


Well said! The benefits of having your own developer (at a low monthly cost) that understands your business and website are immeasurable. 


"We received 3 hour quotes from some companies to make changes to our site, while WP Website Services quoted just 1 hour for the same work."


Being familiarized with your website definitely helps shorten the development time on a website. We also take pride in taking out all the "fluff" on the quoted times while providing quality work for our clients.

NOTE: WP Website Services is our parent company, which design & develop WordPress websites.


"We like the free DIY videos you provided. Shows us how to handle simple website tasks, which can save us a ton of money. Nice option to have when we want to try things out."


We believe in providing you the tools so you can make changes to your own website if you so choose. No worries, we are there for you if you need help.


 “It’s like having website insurance…not only is my site secure, they are also there to take care of any (potential) issues so my business isn’t truly impacted”


That is a great way to look at it! While we limit the chances of a malware attack on your website from over 60% to under 1%, we can completely restore your website (if need be) to minimize any downtime if there is an attack.


“We don’t know much about the importance of backups, uptime, and website speed, but we learned how it can impact or client reach...and revenue...if not done correctly.”


We do our best to educate you on the ways you can improve your business by utilizing the latest website technology trends.