What plan do you have in place when
your website goes down?

The Importance Of Uptime

No one wants their business website to go down. Especially if it's a big part of attracting new clients or communicating with existing ones.

A website that is down will create a bad "impression" to current and/or potential clients. Not only that, but search engines can also punish the site by burying it further back in the pages. Worse yet, they could remove the website entirely.

Did You Know: Websites that go down typically go unnoticed for days.


of website owners find out their site is down from a potential client.


potential revenue loss for every hour site is down.

~0 minutes

The amount of time your website will be down before one of our on call reps is texted to look into the situation.


  • Unfortunately there are MANY reasons why a site could go down. Anything from coding errors to server overloads, from hacking to host problems (another reason to have a good host) can cause the website to go down. If your website is down, we will figure out the reason and work to get it back online asap.

  • We have a utility that monitors your website activity all day, every day. When your site is down for 5 minutes, one of our reps is alerted to take a look into the situation.
  • If you want us to tell you when your site is down, we will. Clients typically want to know if a site is down for more than a couple hours.
  • The tradeoff with a low-cost host is typically less uptime reliability. Since we will be managing your host, we'll be able to determine if your host is good for your business website.